Documenting dja

Dja is a bit of Django framework - its template engine - ported to PHP.


ALPHA stage project. Interfaces might be changed at any moment. Use with care.


  1. PHP 5.3
  2. PHPUnit (to be able to run unit tests)


To all the guys from Django team. Without your code there won’t be any dja. You are great! Thank you!

Get involved into dja

Submit issues. If you spotted something weird in application behavior and want to report it you can always do that at

Write code. If you are eager to participate in application development, fork it at, write your code, whether it should be a bugfix or optimization implementation, and make a pull request right from the forked project page.

Spread the word. If you have some tips and tricks or any other words in mind that you think might be of interest for the others — publish it.

The tip

If dja is not what you want, you might be interested in considering other choices, e.g.: